🌠NFT Marketplace

This document will provide detailed guidance on how to buy/sell GENI Passes and Game Items as well as explore the whole outstanding features of GemUni's NFT Marketplace.

Step 1: Connect your wallet

Step 2: Choose an NFT

Step 3: Buy/Sell an NFT

Step 1: Connect your wallet

1. Go to https://marketplace.gemuni.io/marketplace

2. Choose “Connect Wallet”.

3. “Sign” with your MetaMask wallet.

  • If you don't have the MetaMask wallet yet, you can download it at:

Chrome | iOS | Android

  • Follow these instructions to create a MetaMask wallet and set up a Mainnet environment:


  • Insert the BSC Mainnet configuration network:

Name: Binance Smart Chain

New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/

Chain ID: 56

  • Connect your wallet again and click “Sign”.

Step 2: Choose an NFT

Here are different ways you can choose your favorite NFTs:

1. Search the collection name or serial number

2. Choose among “Passes and Items”, “Passes Only", “Items Only"

3. Filter the Pass Type: All, Stone, Topaz, Citrine, Ruby, Diamond

4. Sort the Price: Low to High, High to Low

5. Display the items as big or smaller

6. Filter the items by Event Type: Buy Now, On Auction, New, Has Offers

7. Choose to buy/sell items at GemUni Official Store or Others


All GENI Pass NFTs are available to purchase with GENI token (the main project cryptocurrency).

Step 3: Buy/Sell an NFT

Buy an NFT

1. Click on the item you want to buy. All the information and specifications of the item are shown below.


The sale will last for a certain period of time that the owner sets up. If the item isn't sold out after the sale ends, the owner may make some changes to the offer or cancel the listing.

2. You can either “Buy now" or “Make offer" to deal with the item price.

Buy now

  • Click on “Confirm checkout” to buy the item.

  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet to complete the purchase.

  • You can see your purchased item in the “Collected" section in “My Profile.”

Make offer

  • Type the amount of GENI you want to bargain

  • Set the day and time of Offer Expiration

  • Check the box to agree to GemUni's Terms of Service

  • Click on “Make Offer”, then confirm the transaction in your wallet to complete making an offer.

Sell an NFT

1. Go to “My Profile”, then the “Collected" section. Click on the item you want to sell.

2. Click on the “Sell" button to put your item on sale.

3. Fill in the listing information of your item

  • Type the GENI price you want to sell

  • Set the duration (day and time) that your offer will last

  • Click on “Complete listing”, then confirm the transaction in your wallet to complete your item listing.

4. Your item is now listed for sale.

5. You can view your item to see details. Choose “Lower price" to update your item price or “Cancel listings.”

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