1. Where can I review the Tokenomics of GemUni?

Please refer to this link for details.

2. What is GemUni's official token address?

This is our official token address: 0xc04a23149efdF9A63697f3Eb60705147e9f07FfD

3. What role does the token play in the GemUni ecosystem?

Of course, tokens play a critical part in our ecosystem. GENI, GENIX, and other reward tokens are cryptocurrencies used across the GemUni platform. Their ability to be converted back and forth makes it much more convenient for users to Play to Earn.

  • GENI token is the main project cryptocurrency (GENI ecosystem), used primarily to access gaming networks and purchase NFT assets.

  • GENIX token is used primarily to buy game tickets, purchase in-game tools, and reward users on GemUniโ€™s Casual Gaming Platform (Reward ecosystem). Users can earn it by having good game results & winning in battles and convert them into GENI.

  • Other reward tokens are used to reward users who play games in the Signature Gaming Platform (Reward ecosystem). They can be converted into GENI, the main project cryptocurrency.

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