GemUni Launchpad
GemUni develops a Launchpad for IGO, INO of Signature Games and other GameFi agency services for Partners to create a complete ecosystem for GameFi projects to thrive.
We want to facilitate the potential and emerging crypto gaming concepts, seek opportunities to attract new crypto users through different blockchain games, and expand the ecosystem to grow with partners.
GemUni offers different IGO/INO methods for projects and investors, including Seed Sale Crowd Funding and Private Sale Crowd Funding.
Gaming projects need to go through a strict verification process and meet stringent requirements for launching on GemUni. Once the project is approved, it can utilize all the features and efficiency of the launchpad.
We do offer an IGO/INO launchpad with multichain compatibility for projects to choose the blockchain they prefer while ensuring the most convenience and essential needs.
Early investors can put their funds into unique, potential gaming projects offered by GemUni and expect a significant return on investment in the future. To participate in a GemUni IGO/INO, investors need to
  1. 1.
    complete the KYC process
  2. 2.
    stake GENI (main project cryptocurrency) to achieve a particular tier
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