1. Is it easy to start playing on the GemUni platform if Iโ€™m a non-crypto player?

GemUni is designed seamlessly for any crypto beginners. A person with non-crypto experiences (even kids and moms) can follow our tutorials and user guide to play games to earn.

2. Which wallets are supported in the GemUni Gaming Platform?

Currently, you can use MetaMask and WalletConnect (which gives access to multiple types of wallets including Trust Wallet, Ledger Live, Infinity Wallet, etc.) to play games on our platform.

3. What type of games are you providing and planning to add in the future?

GemUniโ€™s Casual Gaming Platform covers all the categories, including Puzzle/Trivia, Arcade & Action, Simulation, Lifestyle, Racing, Sports, Party & Music, Idle Clicker.

1000+ Casual Games will be launched in 2022, plus some hot Signature Games like Moon 2050, CyberRace, ZodiBoom, MetaTransformers in Q1/2022.

4. How much do I need to spend to start at least one game?

The lowest GENI Pass NFT level is the Stone Pass, and its price is as little as $75 BUSD (375 GENI) now to access all of the Casual Games on the GemUni platform. In the future, the Pass prices can go up depending on the market demand.

5. What is the difference between games in the Casual Gaming Platform and those in the Signature Gaming Platform?

In the Casual Gaming Platform, users can enjoy hundreds of casual games (thousands in the near future).

In the Signature Gaming Platform, games are built separately with unique features and in small numbers.

6. Do you create the game on your own or collaborate with another party?

Yes, we create our own games and also cooperate with other gaming studios, partners, and platforms to diversify the portfolio, such as KBG Studio.

7. How can you ensure the quality of diverse games on the GemUni platform?

To be public, all games are hand-picked by our team and must meet strict requirements such as compatibility, track record, technical checkpoints, etc.

We also have Game Moderators to regularly evaluate games and remove those so easy to play and less attractive from the platform.

8. Will I have the possibility to create tournaments with other players within each GemUni game?

Yes, players can join our PvP modes (1 vs 1, Team vs Team, and Battle Royale) to play with friends, families, or other gamers worldwide!

Besides, GemUni will host gaming Challenges and Tournaments on our gaming platform for users to play and earn together!

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