NFT Marketplace

1. What are the distinguishing features of GemUni's NFT Marketplace?

Some exceptional features released on GemUni's NFT Marketplace are Staking, Leasing, Lending, Borrow, Auction, etc.

Users can deposit NFTs for a fixed amount of time to earn more coins via our Staking mechanics. Also, they can lease their GENI Pass NFTs to other gamers to make profits from their Play2Earn earnings.

2. How does NFT Leasing work? What are the benefits for both the lessor and the lessee?

The GENI Pass Holders can lease their Pass to other players by setting the profit-sharing percentage on the GemUni platform and listing the leasing offer. When the player (lessee) plays and earns profit from the games, the profit will be distributed between the lessor and the lessee.

For lessors, if they own multiple passes and don't use them, they can lease to make extra profits. For lessees, they do not need to purchase a pass but can still play and earn from there!

3. How do I get the NFTs I'm looking for?

You can explore, browse and search for NFTs by game categories, seasonal collections, etc., in GemUniโ€™s NFT Marketplace to trade your favorite ones.

4. Can I resell my NFTs?

Yes! You can resell your NFTs on GemUni's NFT Marketplaces or others at your desired price.

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