Casual Gaming Platform
This document will provide detailed guidance on how to start, play, and explore the whole outstanding features of GemUni's Casual Gaming Platform.

Step 1: Connect your Wallet

2. Choose “Connect Wallet”.
3. You can connect either with “MetaMask” or “WalletConnect”.


If you don't have the MetaMask wallet yet, you can download it at:

Chrome | iOS | Android

Follow these instructions to create a MetaMask wallet and set up a Mainnet environment:

Insert the BSC Mainnet configuration network:

  • Name: Binance Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 56

Connect your wallet again and click “Sign”.


QR Code

Scan QR code with a WalletConnect-compatible wallet. You can use the MetaMask mobile app to connect.

Desktop & Mobile

Choose your preferred wallet from the list to connect.

Step 2: Activate a GENI Pass

When joining in GemUni's Casual Gaming Platform for the first time, you will be gifted an Avatar as a Free Pass to play games and earn for free.
1. Click on your wallet address to go to “My Profile.”
2. Click on the “GENI pass” section, then “Deactive.” All your deactive Passes will appear here.
3. The backside of a Pass includes the number of daily game tickets and their expiration date. Click on “Activate” to activate the Pass you want.
4. “Confirm" the transaction in your wallet. Activated Passes will be shown on the “Active” section.
5. Click on your wallet address, then the drop-down list to choose between Passes to play.

Step 3: Choose a Game

1. After you have activated the GENI Pass, go to our Games Library to choose any game you want to play.
2. Click on the game you want to play. Then, you will be directed to the game’s main screen.

Step 4: Choose a Play Mode

You can choose among two Play Modes:

1. EXP Earning

Users can play to get familiar with the games and earn EXP (to buy in-game tools and additional daily game tickets) but cannot earn GENIX.
Players can only join in High Score, 1 vs 1, Team vs Team, and Battle Royale modes. (Leaderboard mode is not available in EXP Earning). They can create a simulated PvP room (1 vs 1, Team vs Team, Battle Royale) and need to deposit EXP to get used to the gameplay.

2. GENIX Earning

Users can play and earn EXP and GENIX in all gameplay modes, including PvE (High Score and Leaderboard) and PvP (1 vs 1, Team vs Team, and Battle Royale).

Step 5: Play Games

Step 6: Deposit & Withdraw GENIX

Click on your wallet address to go to “My Profile.”

Deposit GENIX

1. Click on “GENIX wallet" to make a deposit request.
2. Type the amount of GENIX you want to deposit or choose “Maximum.” Click on “Deposit” to confirm.

Withdraw GENIX

1. Click on the “Withdraw” button beside your wallet address. A pop-up will then be shown.
2. Type the amount of GENIX you want to withdraw or choose “Maximum.” Click on “Withdraw” to confirm.
You can only withdraw your GENIX once per day. GENIX will be withdrawn to your wallet at 00:01 UTC on the next day.