Before the IDO

1. Where can I find more information on GemUni's (IDO)?

Please regularly check out our official channels: Website | Twitter | Discord | YouTube | Telegram channel | Telegram community | Telegram community 02

2. Which network does GemUni do IDO on?

Our project is built on the BSC network. Please switch to the BSC network to do Apply Whitelist.

3. Which wallets are supported in GemUniโ€™s IDO?

It depends on each IDO launchpad. So far, almost all wallets are supported, including MetaMask, WalletConnect, BSC Wallet, Coinbase Wallet.

4. How many pools can I join at the same time?

You can join as many pools as you wish at once. The more pools you join, the more likely you win the IDO allocation.

5. Any KYC needed? Do I have to register for each pool?

Yes, you need to complete the KYC process (if required) on each pool. Please follow the instructions carefully to get verified.

6. I have registered for the IDO with a certain amount of Launchpads' tokens already staked. If I purchase more tokens and stake them after registration, will my tier/rank be upgraded?

No, you have to maintain your tier/rank level throughout the registration period until the result announcement.

7. For the participants in the same tier/rank, would those with a higher staking/holding amount have a higher token allocation?

No, everyone in the same tier/rank will have the same allocation.

8. Can I withdraw the staked tokens after registration?

Do not withdraw your tokens before the Allocation Announcement, even if the registration phase has ended.

9. Can I use two different wallet addresses when registering for IDO launchpads and competitions?

No, the wallet address you register for IDO launchpads must be the same as the one you have provided in the competitions held by launchpads and GemUni. Any discrepancy will void your slot.

During/After the IDO

1. How can I participate in GemUniโ€™s IDO?

Please follow these User Guides for step-by-step instructions:

Red Kite | GameFi | KrystalGO

2. How long do I have to stake tokens to be qualified for a tier/rank?

The timeline for each launchpad is different. Please stake tokens on your desired launchpads before these snapshots:

  • Red Kite: 07:00 AM, January 18, 2022 (UTC)

  • GameFi: 08:00 AM, January 18, 2022 (UTC)

  • KrystalGO: 08:00 AM, January 18, 2022 (UTC)

3. When will I find out about my guaranteed allocation?

Guaranteed allocations will be calculated and released shortly after the registration ends. Your token guaranteed allocation will depend on the number of members in each tier/rank and the token supply for the IDO.

4. Can I buy more tokens than the guaranteed number of tokens?

You can, but not sure. Only when the guaranteed allocations are not sold out, then they'll be offered to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. How do I find GemUni's token address?

Because of security reasons, we will keep it confidential and announce it closer to the listing date.

6. How can I swap my token?

Please follow these User Guides for step-by-step instructions:

Red Kite | GameFi | KrystalGO

7. How can I claim my token?

Please follow these User Guides for step-by-step instructions:

Red Kite | GameFi | KrystalGO

8. When can I unstake my tokens after joining the IDO?

You can unstake at any time, but you must wait for 7 days to withdraw your tokens. But if you unstake your tokens before the IDO starts, you may lose your tier/rank position.

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