GemUni x NFTb

NFTb is the first NFT marketplace for digital art and goods built on Binance Smart Chain.

Total allocation: 230 GENI Pass NFTs

  • 10 Diamond Passes

  • 70 Ruby Passes

  • 150 Citrine Passes

Price: $245 - $556 (BUSD)

Link to purchase:

Opening time: 08:30 AM, December 12, 2021 (UTC)

After purchase: These NFTs will be transferred to your wallet within 48 hours by the GemUni team.

How to purchase GENI Pass NFTs on NFTb?

Step 0: To purchase our NFTs, you need to stake a different amount of NFTB tokens depending on the Tier you wish to obtain:

Step 1: Go to GemUni Store on NFTb:

Step 2: Click on "Connect wallet" on your right-hand side. If you haven't had a wallet yet, please install one to proceed.

Step 3: Choose (a) GENI Pass NFT(s) you want to buy in your Tier.

Step 4: Choose the quantity and press a button to buy.

Step 5: Confirm transfer in your wallet and wait.

More about how to use NFTb:

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