Play to Earn Mechanics

1. What is the difference between EXP Earning and GENIX Earning modes?

In the EXP Earning, users can play to get familiar with the games and earn EXP, but cannot earn GENIX. Players can only join in High Score, 1 vs 1, Team vs Team, and Battle Royale modes.

In the GENIX Earning, users can play and earn both EXP and GENIX in all gameplay modes.

2. How much will I earn when taking part in the High Score mode?

You will earn different amounts of GENIX, according to score ranges 1-100 on the platform. The maximum GENIX earning is 125 GENIX/user/ ticket.

3. How many players will earn rewards in each leaderboard?

Only the Top 1 user in each leaderboard will earn a reward of 1,250 GENIX/user/ticket. There are 12 leaderboards per game every day.

4. What is the required team size to qualify for participation in the Team vs Team mode?

The team size must be a multiple of 5. The minimum required is five players per team, and the maximum is 50.

If there are more team players than specified, some will be invited out of the room. If less, the game will not start until the vacancy is filled.

5. How can I participate in PvP (1 vs 1, Team vs Team, Battle Royale) mode?

You can join in the available rooms or create one yourself and wait for other participants.

6. What is the scale of each battle room?

Each battle room requires 100 game participation (100 tickets) to be counted as valid and allow users to earn. There will be only ONE winner who has the highest score throughout the battle duration in each battle.

7. How long does each battle last?

Each battle will last for a maximum of 12 hours, starting from 1 player to 100 players. The battles have to end within a day, even if they have not been fully 12 hours (because the number of tickets will be reset every day).

8. What will happen if there is not enough 100 game participation at the end of the battle?

If the game participation is less than 100 at the end of the battle, the results will be canceled, and no winner will be announced. Usersโ€™ tickets and tools will be refunded.

9. What is the maximum number of tickets I can use in a battle?

There is no limitation. You can use part or all of your tickets to re-enter the battle room and will be counted as the same user with the latest scores.

10. What is EXP (Experience Score) used for?

EXP is earned through playing games and can be used to purchase in-game tools and buy additional daily game tickets.

11. How long do additional purchased tickets last?

Additional purchased tickets will only be valid within the purchased day and expire the next day (because the number of daily game tickets is fixed for each Pass and will be reset every day).

12. In which Play Modes can I use in-game tools?

In-game tools can only be used in Leaderboard, 1 vs 1, and Team vs Team modes. x2 Score tool can only be used in 1 vs 1 and Team vs Team.

13. For each purchased tool, how many times can I use it?

Each purchased tool can only be used once. If you want to use more, you have to buy another tool.

14. How long do I have to wait for the Revive Life tool to be activated?

The Revive Life tool will be activated after three minutes from when a player loses. If you want to return to the game immediately, you can purchase a Speed Up tool.

15. Can I use the same x2 Score tool before and after activating the Revive Life tool?

The answer is NO! If you used the x2 Score tool before, then when losing a game, you use the Revive Life tool, you will have to use another x2 Score tool.

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