๐Ÿ˜ˆDeFi System

NFTs Leasing

NFT Owners can lease their NFTs to Players who wish to rent them for a fixed amount of time and a fixed upfront agreed fees (one-time cost).

The Lessee will pay all the rental prices in advance, then have full rights over the NFTs during the rental period. All the earnings from the rented Pass belong to the Lessee.

Leasing | User Guide

NFTs Lending

NFT Owners can lend their NFTs to Players/Scholars and share the net profit from their Play2Earn earnings.

Whenever the Borrowers play and earn, Lenders will receive the % split that they have set up in advance.

Lending | User Guide

Staking Pools

Users can stake in different pools (NFT or NFT & Token) for a fixed amount of time to earn Reward Token.

Staking | User Guide

Farming Pools

Users can earn Reward Token by staking in different Farming Pools (Token or a Token pair) for a certain period.

Farming | User Guide

Earn from Exchange System

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Lend/Borrow GameFi Token System

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