1. How is GemUni different from other blockchain games?

Unlike many other GameFi projects focusing on only one single game, GemUni builds a decentralized NFTs and Gaming ecosystem with the necessary capacity to expand to millions of active users while providing unique experiences.

2. What blockchain have you chosen and why?

We are on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), but we do have plans to support cross-chain in the future.

With BSC, we have a quite stable and very popular network. The communities and partners who are BSC-focused are also powerful. We choose to start with BSC first, so we'll have the best support in product development, partnership, and community growth!

3. What is the difference between GENI token and Reward token ecosystems?

In the GENI token ecosystem, users can:

(1) pay GENI to buy GENI Passes and other NFT assets,

(2) earn GENI from varied DeFi mechanics, and

(3) trade NFT items on GemUniโ€™s NFT Marketplace using GENI and other cryptocurrencies.

In the Reward token ecosystem, users can:

(1) play and earn GENIX tokens in the Casual Gaming Platform,

(2) buy additional game tickets and tools to leverage scores and earnings,

(3) access to unique Signatures Games and earn other reward tokens.

4. Who can cooperate with GemUni?

Game Studios, Global Ambassadors (Game Guilds, Super App, Gaming Social Networks, Gaming KOLs, etc.), Brands, Ad Networks, and Artists, can all be our partners.

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