🤝GemUni’s Partners

We cooperate with multiple Partners to help monetize their gaming content and diversify our games portfolio and activities.

Game Studios/Publishers/Developers

For Casual Games Studios/Publishers/Developers, they can put games on GemUni's platform and receive revenue from players who buy tools to participate in the matches.

For Signature Games Studios/Publishers/Developers, they can create in-game tokens to reward users on GemUni’s platform and receive revenue from selling NFTs and in-game tokens.

Global Ambassadors

Our Global Ambassadors Program is intended for Game Guilds, Gaming Communities, and KOLs/Influencers. They can:

  1. earn a salary in tokens when introducing GemUni to the community,

  2. earn commissions from selling NFTs, and

  3. enjoy incentives from GemUni’s gaming platforms.


Brands can cooperate with us in running winning game programs for users. Moreover, they can develop branded in-game characters of the brand and run direct advertising campaigns by changing the in-game skin with programs or brand design information.

Ad Networks

Different ad networks can be our partners by embedding advertisements for players to view ads and share profits with GemUni.


Artists can put their artworks on our platform as NFTs to earn money from buyers.

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