GENI Passes

1. How do GENI Passes work?

When Active, each Pass will generate a different number of tickets per day for users to play in the Casual Gaming Platform. When Inactive, you can sell them on NFT Marketplaces. The higher Pass levels, the more privileges and ability to earn.

2. Can I play games without paying for the GENI Pass?

Yes! When joining in GemUniโ€™s Casual Gaming Platform, each will be gifted an Avatar as a Free Pass (it is not an NFT) to earn EXP & GENIX and participate in certain tournaments to earn rewards. Users can then withdraw GENIX to buy NFT Passes.

3. Can I use GENI Passes to access the Signature Gaming Platform?

No, each Signature Game will require a unique NFT to start playing. As a result, you will earn different reward tokens other than GENIX (in-game currency).

4. What are the benefits of owning a GENI Pass?

  • Lucrative access to upgraded Play2Earn mechanics

  • Up to ~500% annual ROI for one GENI Pass NFT

  • Rewarding GameFi experiences with varied DeFi mechanics: Farming, Staking, Leasing

  • Grand prize opportunities for participants in upcoming Gaming Challenges & Tournaments

5. What are the differences between GENI Pass levels?

The higher Pass levels, the more daily game tickets. Therefore, users will have more chances to earn better with higher-level Passes. Full details about each Pass level can be found here.

6. How long is a GENI Pass available for use?

The activation date of a GENI Pass is counted when you activate it. Your Pass will expire in 2 years from the 1st activation date and can be extended through the renewal purchase with 65% equivalent Pass prices at the time.

7. For how long will my Pass be renewed?

Currently, GENI Passes will be renewed for two years until the next expiration date.

8. Can I exchange my GENI Pass for another in-game NFT?

Unfortunately, GENI Pass NFTs cannot be directly traded for other in-game items. First, you have to sell GENI Passes to earn cryptos, then use those cryptos to purchase in-game NFT items.

9. Where can I buy GENI Passes?

You can buy GENI Pass NFTs from GemUni's NFT Marketplace or our official stores on other marketplaces.

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