๐ŸงจTournament System

GemUni's Tournament System is a system for complete gaming tournaments management. It is easy to navigate and can be adjusted according to the needs of each particular tournament.


GemUni organizes numerous tournaments to engage with users and build trust in the community. Global tournaments will be periodically organized: weekly, monthly, yearly, and by season.


Projects use the system to organize their tournaments. They can customize the registration form, set up rules and schedules, and track the data (participants, rewards, results, etc.) all in one place.


Players get all information on upcoming and happening tournaments (registration, rules, rewards, schedules, results, etc.) within the system.

GemUniโ€™s Tournament System allows players to accumulate experiences in different tournaments, improve their skills and earn multiple rewards. It gives the better players (individuals/teams) more chance of proceeding to the next rounds while ensuring the transparency of tournament results and line-ups.

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