๐Ÿ’ฐRevenue Streams

GemUni's revenue currently comes from 3 sources:

  1. NFTs Sales (GENI Pass NFTs for Casual Games, NFTs in-game items and characters for Signature Games, etc.),

  2. In-game Tools Sales, and

  3. NFT Marketplace Transaction Fees.

The revenue can be in GENI or GENIX. Then:

  • G% of the revenue will be distributed for burning tokens to prevent inflation,

  • E% will go to the Company to develop GemUni and ensure business operations, and

  • M% is allocated to the GemUni Games Treasury. Another income source for our Games Treasury comes from the Company, which will be described further in the Token Allocation.

The GemUni Games Treasury will then be used to reward players who participate in PvE, PvP gameplay modes, and Tournaments & Challenges. As under control, its token amount is always smaller than that of the Revenue Pool.

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