1. Where can I get the latest updates on your project?

Please join our official social & community channels:

Website | Twitter | Discord | YouTube | Telegram channel | Telegram community | Telegram community 02

If you have any queries or encounter any difficulties, feel free to ask, and our community will gladly assist you!

2. Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community?

Definitely! Community feedback is crucial to us to learn what to improve and how to build up the GemUni platform into a better version every day. Soon, we will open to allow our community members to vote on certain suggested features to develop and improve our platform.

3. How do you plan to spread the awareness of your project in non-English-speaking countries/regions? Do you have local communities to make them better understand your project?

As GemUni was born global, all of our team always have a global vision for expanding the business and bringing GemUniโ€™s games to all players around the world.

We have plans for localizing our Gaming Platform in multiple languages, even in non-English-speaking countries. They are already on our Roadmap, just with different levels of priority. Please stay tuned to our updates on localization!

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