GENI Pass NFTs act as membership cards in GemUni’s Casual Gaming Platform, enabling users to access gaming networks and play games to earn.
There are five levels of GENI Passes: Stone, Topaz, Citrine, Ruby, and Diamond, built on the BEP-721 standard. Each Pass will generate a different number of game tickets per day for users to engage in gameplay modes.
Users can be Free to Play, Free to Earn without a GENI Pass.
When joining GemUni’s Casual Gaming Platform, each will be gifted an Avatar as a Free Pass (it is not an NFT) to earn EXP & GENIX and participate in certain tournaments to earn rewards.
Users can then withdraw GENIX to buy NFT Passes. The earning rates of Free Passes are 1% of those of GENI Passes.


Experience Score (EXP) is earned through playing games. The more users play, the more EXP they earn. Players can also earn EXP in the GENIX Earning mode, with the scores corresponding to the total amount of their earned GENIX in each match.
EXP can be used to directly exchange additional daily game tickets and in-game tools. EXP cannot be converted into GENI, GENIX, and other reward tokens.


Users will have a fixed number of tickets/day depending on their GENI Pass level. The number of tickets will be reset every day.
Therefore, if users run out of daily game tickets and want to buy more, those purchased tickets will only be valid within the day and expire the next day.


There are three different tools: Revive Life, x2 Score, and Speed Up for players to maximize their scores and earnings. Tools can be purchased by EXP or GENIX.
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